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Agribusiness Canada International

Workshop & Expo 2024

Agribusiness Canada International

Expo 2024

Connecting Africa to Canadian Agriculture: Explore, Learn, and Invest

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  • Background

    Canada’s agribusiness industry is renowned for its high-quality outputs, pristine environment, diverse food offerings, and sustainable practices. Globally, Canada stands as a prime destination for ventures in agriculture, agri-tech, and food products.

    The agricultural and agri-food sectors significantly bolster the Canadian economy. While Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada directly supports primary agriculture, food and beverage processing. The influence of the sector permeates the expansive agri-food system and resonates throughout the entire food supply-chain.

    Central to Canada's agricultural triumph is its robust export capability, positioning it as one of the globe's predominant food exporters. Such prowess presents immense opportunities for international collaboration, especially with Africa. Africa, often hailed as the world's food basket, attributes approximately 35% of its GDP to agriculture. This sector sustains over half of the continent's populace. These proportions, considerably surpassing global averages, underscore Africa's potential.

    Africa's average farm machinery utilization lags, marking it the lowest globally. This gap showcases a ripe opportunity, as numerous enterprises within the continent are actively seeking the advanced agri-tech solutions that Canada's agriculture sector excels in. Recognizing this symbiotic potential, the Afro-Canada Agribusiness Initiative and Global Events Canada presents the Agribusiness Expo 2024. This three-day event aims to seamlessly merge Africa's agricultural realm with North America's expertise.

    About The Expo 2024

    Agribusiness Canada International Expo 2024 is presented by the Afro-Canada Agribusiness Initiative, in collaboration with Global Events Canada. Canada stands at the forefront with advanced technologies such as plant-based proteins, autonomous tractors, GPS-enabled waste reduction, and AI-driven herbicide distribution systems.

    All the opportunities above are the back born of development of the agribusiness sector In Canada where as Access to equipment and mechanization of agriculture holds enormous potential to foster Africa’s Agribusiness development, the ACAI presents an opportunity for the SME’s and Large farmers in African to learn how its done, what Canadian farmers are using to achieve the large yields amidst the tough climatic conditions of only one season.

    Who Can Attend

    This is geared towards connecting Africa to Canadian Agriculture sector through interdisciplinary relations as well as conversation initiations and topical discussions.

    • Farmers or producers

    • Processors 

    • Line Ministries

    • Researchers 

    • Marketing Companies

    • Investors

    • General Public interested in agriculture

    • Agribusiness companies

    •  Agri-tech companies

    • Educators and students

    Connect Africa with North American export markets.

    African agribusiness products stand out due to the continent's high-quality resources, highlighted by Ghana's

    top-tier cocoa and the same applies Kenya's esteemed tea and Ethiopian coffee.

    Discover investment opportunities in the Canadian Agribusiness sector.

    Facilitate global farmer access to Canadian agri-tech resources.

    Understand the structure of Canada's agri-food industry and how global players can integrate and benefit as exporters to Canada.

    Grasp the nuances of Canada's supply management system, a distinct institution that regulates specific products to satisfy market demands and ensure farmer stability.

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