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About Afro Canada Agribusiness Initiative (ACAI)

  • Afro Canada Agribusiness Initiative (ACAI), is a fully registered agribusiness-based initiative in Canada with the focus on avenues which creates discussions between Africa and Canada to coagulate issues of concern and pertinent to the agriculture sectoral development.

    Its within the objectives of the ACAI to initiate conversations that address the financing gap for SMEs and creating an environment that encourages private sector investments in climate-smart, gender-oriented agricultural solutions as well as general Agriculture in Africa.

  • Our Vision

  • Our vision is to serve as the pivotal bridge between Canadian agribusiness innovation and Africa's untapped agricultural potential. We aim to create a symbiotic relationship that leverages Canada's technological advancements in agriculture with Africa's rich, arable land and diverse climatic conditions.

    The Afro Canada Agribusiness Initiative was created to foster relationship between Canada and the food basket of the world (Africa). As Opportunities in the agriculture sectors in Africa are still virgin, the western hemisphere needs Africa for food security.

    With the recent launch of a new initiative aiming to support Africa’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the agriculture sector by the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group in partnership with the government of Canada. It gives a new breed of hope to the African Farmers engaged in Agribusiness. 

  • Our Mission

  • Our mission is multi-faceted and designed to bring our vision to life.

  • Our Objectives

  • Technology Transfer: To introduce and adapt cutting-edge Canadian agricultural technologies in Africa, enhancing productivity and sustainability.

    Educational Outreach: To provide farmers, agribusiness companies, and policymakers in Africa with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a global market.

    • Market Access: To facilitate easier access to both Canadian and African markets for agricultural products, thereby boosting trade and investment opportunities.
    • Community Empowerment: To empower local communities through skill development, job creation, and educational programs that focus on sustainable agriculture.
    • Policy Advocacy: To work with governmental bodies in Canada and Africa to create policies that are conducive to sustainable agricultural practices and international trade.
    • Research & Development: To invest in research that can solve unique agricultural challenges faced by both continents, driving innovation that has practical, real-world applications.
  • We aspire to:

  • Drive Sustainable Growth: Foster environmentally responsible agricultural practices that can be sustained for generations to come.

    Global Impact: Make a meaningful impact on a global scale by contributing to food security and economic stability in both Canada and Africa.

    Inclusive Prosperity: Ensure that the benefits of this collaboration reach the grassroots level, uplifting communities and creating inclusive growth opportunities

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